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Mind-blowing, to-the-max flavours.
Like, chocolate that exploded.
Pistachio that feels like it invented pistachio.
Salted caramel through the roof.

Now open at the historic St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, bomba is inspired by the tastes of Italy… but then elevates things to a “FULL-BLOWN” flavour experience.


Using only best-of-the-best ingredients, we play with adventurous ideas and unconventional approaches to create a uniquely INTENSE palette of tastes, textures and choices.

Come visit us at St. Lawrence Market and taste this week’s gelato flavours, our delicious hand-made waffle cones, our dolci and other confections, all made with the very best ingredients and big flavours... bomba style!

waffle cone image gelato.jpg

bomba is a family-run business, centered around the artisanal gelato and dolci creations of Gio Pizzale, a young, virtuoso pastry chef and chocolatier from Muskoka.


Self-taught and highly curious, Gio’s passion for the craft and dedication to exceptional quality has made our sibling shop affogato café + gelato a favourite destination in cottage country.




We cater to special events with our roaming gelato cart. Contact us if you'd like to serve mind-blowing gelato at your private or corporate function!


You may have heard about the “Gelato Barge” that delivers tasty treats to docks in Muskoka… yep, that’s us. Cottage country without an amazing ice cream shop is just a bunch of trees and a lake.

Our sibling shop, affogato café + gelato, has become a crowd favourite over the last several years, with a waterfront location in Huntsville, the aforementioned barge service, and served in the top resorts in the Muskoka area.

Our gelatos, dolci and confections are all handcrafted in our Muskoka kitchen, so nowyou can get awesome cottage vibes right here in the city.



St. Lawrence Market

South Market

Lower Level, Market St. Side


Tuesday to Friday – 11am to 7pm

Saturday – 11am to 5pm

Sunday – 11am to 5pm

Monday – Closed

*We are open OUTSIDE some Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights after the market closes! Please call the shop or check our instagram to see if we’re open.

Gift certificates are available to purchase in-store!

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